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Katherine Ann Byam

Founder & CEO of Dieple Consulting, Host of the Podcast Where Ideas Launch

Founder, CEO, Podcast Host & Course Creator!

Katherine Byam

Hi, I'm Katherine Ann Byam, the wing-woman to your genius is a business resilience consultant and strategic partner to leaders on sustainability, ESG, leadership and digital transformation for marketing and operations. I'm a polymath, insatiably curious, and an advocate for Diversity Equity & Inclusion in all aspects of planetary life. I spend my spare time between the coasts of England France, enjoying writing as a creative outlet. My Work includes: ✅ Business resilience & strategy consulting including ESG. ✅Sustainable business development for SMEs ✅Career and high-performance leadership coaching for executives ✅Process analysis and optimisation for supply chain and finance teams ✅Social advocacy on decent work and economic growth ✅Organic Growth Methods via LinkedIn